Frequently Asked Questions
What is

ClixGrid is a Clix to Win website with the Unique way of Members to try their Lucks to Earn Money. Earn Money and Advertise.

Earned Money can't be withdrawed. It only to Used to Advertise.

Really We are 100% Scam but we are Professional. Our site is don't be closed like some other PTC sites which as paying previously and don't paying on present being on a stage of Scam and closed. We are not going to close our site, because we are already SCAM. Your Earning is always safe at your account. 

We are the same Team of

What is concept?

Our concept is "Earn Money -And- Use it for Advertising". We are giving a chance to win upto $1 Per Click and upto 100% ClixGrid Winnings. So, It is not possible to give members a 3 to 4 digits of dollars daily. So, you should use your money for advertising at

How ClixGrid Works?

1. Register and Login to your account.

2. On the Homepage you can see a Image with the Grids. Click anywhere on the Image and watch the advertisement for 10 minitues then you will be known if you are winner or not.

3. The Prizes are hidden at the Grids. If you click the Prize hiddened Grid then you will receives the Prize. You can see your Today and Total Earning on the Homepage after Logging in.

Can I make money from my Referrals?

YES, as a Standard Members you can earn 10% commission from their referral purchases...

Upgraded Members should earn more percentage of the referral earnings upto 20% based on their level.


    STANDARD 10% $0.1 Free
    SILVER 10% $0.2 $2
    GOLDEN 15% $0.3 $5
    DIAMOND 20% $0.5 $10
How to advertise on ClixGrid?

1. Register for your FREE account!

2. Log in  to your account and go to Advertise to Purchase your ad credits(ClixGrid, Banner, Featured Text).

3. For Purchasing ClixGrid ad you have to create an ad when you are purchasing ClixGrid Days. When you click purchase it asks for Ad link. Your can see your ad Statistics here My ClixGrid Ads

4. For Banner and Text ads goto your account and click on 'Advertiser Panel' and choose the advertising options (Banner/Featured Text) to create and manage ads.

What is My Grid & Winning Chances?
MEMBERSHIP Grid Chances Winning Chances Average Winning Membership Cost
    STANDARD 50 30% 1 Prizes for 3 Clicks Free
    SILVER 75 35% 3.5 Prizes for 10 Clicks $2
    GOLDEN 100 40% 4 Prizes for 10 Clicks $5
    DIAMOND 150 50% 1 Prizes for 2 Clicks $10
Am I required to Click Ads to Earn from my downline?

Yes. You are required to click atleast 4 ads daily to Earn from your referrals. Your commissions are addded immediately. You should see your commission in the account page showing "Earned So Far".

What is Minimum Payout?

There is NO PAYOUT. Use the Earned Money to Advertise your Blog or Site on

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